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With CE and ISO certified and talented R&D team, we are in a position to offer not only novel fountain design, but also reliable quality products with competitive cost.

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Visit my friend - Mr. Loh in his lovely company, and thank you for cooperate with us so many years and trust us.

—— K.S.LOH

Thank you for your good service, we have a great project and install well under your suggestion!

—— Mr. Tatiana Vasilevskaya

DMX512 control lights are beautiful and quality is good! Easy control by your fast connection way, we save more time!!

—— Miss Rezanova Svetlana

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Company News
Fixed Box for Blossom Fountain Nozzle We are manufacturer of making water fountain products and swimming pool products, we focus on quality products, and for delivery, to avoid damage during shipping, we offer great service of packing. We designed and asked carton factory to make the fixed box for ...     Read More
China breaking news about Fixed Box For Blossom Fountain Nozzle

Holidays Of National Day

[2018-09-29 09:30:36]
Holidays of National Day We will have long holiday of our National Day from October 1st to October 7th. Before this holiday, if the customers need the product urgent please hurry to make your order before our holiday, as our factory will start work on October 6th. But our office will close for 7 ...     Read More
China breaking news about Holidays Of National Day

YC45110 Upgrade to 6x1W

[2018-08-14 10:35:11]
YC45110 Upgrade to 6W Type To match the market, and make our lights in better quality and long life, we upgrade our model-YC45110 of new mould and new LED type. Fully aluminum material, diameter also 110mm, middle hole 36mm, but the height change to 48mm, to have more space inside, to release the ...     Read More
China breaking news about YC45110 Upgrade to 6x1W
Adjustable Stainless Steel Cascade Spray Nozzles 3 Inches The Adjustable Cascade Spray Nozzle is the single most popular effect used in commercial and architectural fountains through modern times. They can be used in a wide variety of ways to achieve spectacular effects. Whatever your plan or ...     Read More
China breaking news about Adjustable Stainless Steel Ice Tower Spray Nozzle Of 3 Inches

Stainless Steel Fountain Nozzles

[2018-07-10 16:14:55]
Stainless Steel Fountain Nozzles There are no more than 5 main materials commonly used in the fountain industry. One of them though, outstands: Stainless Steel. Fontana was the first company to introduce the extensive use of Stainless Steel in the construction of fountain components, nozzles and ...     Read More
China breaking news about Stainless Steel Fountain Nozzles

Laminar Jets RGB

[2018-07-10 16:12:30]
Laminar Jets RGB One of my American customers got a big project of laminar jets of total quantity of 75pcs. 25pcs of our BG5003 and 50pcs of our BG5004: BG5003: flow pipe dia:DN25,built-in 12V 24V 3x1W or 3x3W(RGB or Single color) underwater lights,flow rate:3.5m³∕h, water requiremet:pool water ...     Read More
China breaking news about Laminar Jets RGB

Custom-made Fountain Nozzle

[2018-05-23 09:54:35]
Custom-made Fountain Nozzle One of our new customers who has professional knowledge and skill and experience in water fountain area, he always asking for many new designs products from us, including water fountain nozzles, lights, fog nozzles, floating fountains, part of fountain systems, etc. And ...     Read More
China breaking news about Custom-made Fountain Nozzle

Brass with chrom big fan nozzle

[2018-04-23 15:38:07]
Brass with chrom big fan nozzle Firstly this is Customized products, and then we produced and sold ourselves and using in projects more and more. Material only brass with chrom, if you want pure brass please notice us. We also accept customized products, if you offer us the details, mostly fountain ...     Read More
China breaking news about Brass with chrom big fan nozzle
European rotating Fountain Nozzle always selling With 6 pieces curving rotation arms, will have a great twist water spray to the air. Middle has one spray outlet either to have straight spray to add more fun. Brass with chrom material, color is silver, looks bright and beautiful. Only brass material ...     Read More
China breaking news about European rotating Fountain Nozzle always selling
New Hundred Changing Fountain Nozzle 1.5 - 3 Inches Our new type of hundred changing nozzle - from 1.5 inches to 3 inches just now. Has amended some problems with the old type, has great proformance and good spray pattern of the new type nozzles. The head of nozzles can be changed that can be ...     Read More
China breaking news about New Hundred Changing Fountain Nozzle 1.5 - 3 Inches
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